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Looking for a moving and cleaning company (Nummer 258647)


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The company will have to first move our 2.5rooms (85m2) flat in another flat just next door. The new flat is in the same building but at another entrance (Giessereistrasse 16 into Giessereistrasse 14). Both flats are on the 4th floor with a lift. So basically there is no van transportation needed but only people power. In the second phase, the 85m2 flat would have to be cleaned.
And in the last phase, we would need your help to bring some furniture and garbage to the "Zurich Entsorgungstehle" where a small van is needed for that.

Mengen- und Massangaben

Moving phase: 1x bed, 2x commodes, 1x 2ppl sofa, 1x 1per sofa, 2x small benches, 1x bookshelf, 1x dining table 2.2m x 1.2m in glass (difficult to put in the lift and heavy), 1x coffee table, 10x chairs, 1x TV, 1x sound system and around 30 boxes.
Cleaning phase: deep cleaning of the two bathrooms and kitchen. 12x windows on both side 2.5m x 1m. And 85m2 floor.
Transport phase: there is some small furniture, some big boxes, clothes and other things to bring to the Entsorgungstehle.

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