Fitting of lighting fixtures in an apartment

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Titel des Auftrages

Fitting of lighting fixtures in an apartment (Nummer 358979)


9000 St. Gallen





Beschreibung der auszuführenden Arbeiten

Fitting of 8 - 10 lighting fixtures in an apartment. Overall fitting would include fitting holders and lights. In one or two cases, electrical wires have open extensions - that will also have to be closed

Mengen- und Massangaben

8 lighting fixtures. 3 large ones, 5 small light fittings. Fitting may also include drilling of a few holes into concrete (for attaching light fixtures).

Angaben zu den Materialien

Material wird vom Auftraggeber gestellt.

All lights and holders will be provided. A drilling tools and drill bits will be provided. Screw driver, hammer will be provided.

Electrician is requested to bring some spare wire (which may or may not be used) and any additional tools that he/ she may require

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

No preparatory work required. Estimated time for work completion is 1 - 2 hours for 1 person.


The house is on the first floor near Sommerli in St Gallen. Please feel free to reach to me at in case of any additional questions.

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