Installation of lamps in living room

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Installation of lamps in living room (Nummer 437363)


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I need to install a hanging lamp in the living-room. The lamp is made of 3 glass tubes, each with a separate attachment. The socket is in the middle of the ceiling and needs to be "moved" so that the lamp can hang over the dining table; the solution needs to be elegant, since the ceiling is not very high.

Unfortunately the previous company I hired did a disaster and didn't show up to finish the work. They also drilled the ceiling too much (they made 4 attachments instead of 3), so one needs to be removed , the holes filled and painted white.

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The lamp has attachment for each single piece. What's missing is the necessary material to bring electricity from the socket in the middle of the ceiling to where the lamps will hang over the table.

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The work can be done either in the evening after 18.00 or on Friday during the day.

I only speak English or Italian.

Bilder und Dokumente

Joints x3.jpg
this is the work already started from the other company
Room ceiling.jpg
this picture was taken before the other company started working
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