Housekeeper für Residenz in Zürich

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Für eine Residenz in Zürich suche ich eine(n) sehr gut englisch sprechende(n), erfahrene Housekeeper(in).

Da Englisch ein Musskriterium sind die auszuführenden Arbeiten in Englisch aufgeführt. Ebenso können Offerten nur in englischer Sprache berücksichtigt werden.

For a Residence in Zurich that is used approx. 3-4 months a year I'm looking for a experienced Housekeeper for the entire year.

Clean rooms, lounges, restrooms, corridors, and other areas .

Clean rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies.

Empty wastebaskets, empty and clean ashtrays, and transport other trash and waste to disposal areas.

Purchase or order groceries and household supplies to keep kitchens stocked, and record expenditures.

Run errands such as taking laundry to the cleaners and buying groceries.

Dust and polish furniture and equipment.

Replenish supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies, and bathroom items.

Sort clothing and other articles, load washing machines, and iron and fold dried items.

Request repair services and wait for repair workers to arrive.

Wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware.

Mengen- und Massangaben

approx. 200m2 Appartement close to Zurich Bellevue
approx. 3-4 months occupied per year, rest of year basic tasks to support apartment infrastructure required

Angaben zu den Materialien

- keine Angabe -

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

- Final evaluation will take place during the month of January


- References Required

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