Renovation Project at Birseckstrasse 66, 4144 Arlesheim

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4144 Arlesheim

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Renovation Project Phase II
1. Electrical Iron gate at the entrance with remote control from car as well as small gate for people.
2. Re-paint external wall of the house and garage.
3. Re-paint the wood window panels
4. Re-paint rain water pipes
5. Install iron fence for all windows on the ground floor, paint them to white colour
6. Install iron doors (foldable) at terrace, paint them to white colour
7. Change door of garage to electrical one with remote control
8. Change ground tiles at the entrance, kitchen and dining room
9. Change three windows and one door at the cellar
10. Improve drive way with additional stone material.

Mengen- und Massangaben

We don't know exactly the data of volume and area involved. Therefore, we need specialist to help us figure out the the workload and come up with a budget.

Angaben zu den Materialien

Similar material to the current drive way. Other materials need to be discussed

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

1. Dismantle and current iron gate as well as door of garage
2. Dismantle the 3 windows and 1 door at the cellar
3. Remove current tiles at the entrance, kitchen and dining room.

On site visit is requested to discuss the details.


It is a house.

For any further information please contact me.

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