We are looking for a passionate multimedia electronics engineer/geek

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8048 Zürich

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- Install a secure door entry system with a passport/id scanner
1. Passport is scanned
2. PIN is verified
3. Guest can enter the apartment
We already evaluated hardware components. If you like them we can use them. If you don't like them you can propose/offer us a better solution

- 3D avatar hologram system setup, home automation setups (lights, air conditioning, heating system, smoke alarm, ...)

Mengen- und Massangaben

If you are interested we will perform an interview and show you exactly what we need. All work is paid. If you perform an excellent job we are interested in working together with you for future projects.

Angaben zu den Materialien

We know which materials. We will order the materials or give you the money to order them for us (both ok for us).

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