Cellar renovation

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To refurbish / renovate cellar with new sealed waterproof and insulated flooring, seal and re-plaster walls, fit new toilet, washbasin and shower, tile shower room.
Rooms to be renovated -
Bedroom with storage area
separate room
Shower room
Stair way
2 internal doors and frames to be replaced

Mengen- und Massangaben

Bedroom - 5 x 2.6 m 2.1m high
storage area - 1.1 x 1.5 2.2 m high
separate room - 3.5 x 5 m by 2.2m high
Shower room - 1.8 x 1 m by 2.1 m high
Stair way - 3.3 x 2 m each side of stairway
Ceilings in all rooms to be re-plastered / covered
All to be finished in white

Angaben zu den Materialien

Shower room fittings (toilet / washbasin / shower / tiles) to be provided by client.

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

Some preparation work needed.
As rooms are below ground will need to be suitable sealed to prevent damp / water and insulated to ensure suitable for use throughout year
Some electrical and plumbing work needed - to refit plugs / lights and remove existing shower fittings and fit new. To be confirmed how this will be managed either same or separate contractor.
Heating is currently by 1 radiator in bedroom and 1 radiator in room - these may need replacing - client will provide new radiator only fitting would be required.


Quotes and communication to be in English.
Removal of any existing materials to be confirmed separately.
Plastering finish to be smooth
Finished rooms to be suitable to use as bedroom and study / hobby area
Initial quote needed but then site visit to confirm in more detail and specification - at this stage we are interested in finding someone who can complete the work to a good standard and acceptable cost.

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