Full renovation in flat 4.5 rooms

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I am sorry for writing in english, but maybe you can translate in Google translate. I need to renovate a quite a modern flat and make it better. I am considering purchasing it and spending some money to change the following:

1. floors
2. Bathrooms (2) - including tiles in bathrooms
3. New kitchen
4. Change walls to matt
5. Add more spots in main room and hall to add more light

Mengen- und Massangaben

128m2 apartment, 2 bathrooms, 4.5 rooms

Angaben zu den Materialien

new bathrooms, new tiles in bathroom, new kitchen, wooden floors, one additional door for master bedroom.

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

Flat 2006, need to make it nicer, more modern. Need to remove old and install new. I need a very quick offer as need to sign contract on Friday at lunchtime.


have lift, easy access from garage, 3rd floor.

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