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6317 Oberwil b. Zug

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We are contacting you regarding the project we have in our house in Oberwil Bei Zug.

We are lifting the garden, removing trees / rocs, building a wall, doing some gardening work and building a swimming pool.

We are mainly looking for a construction / gardening company.

Garden we would like
-To remove the cherry tree in the middle of the garden
-To lift the garden, redo grass, remove stones/plants and close the garden as per attached plans in line with Kanton requirements, building the wall around the garden (in nice stones)
-Plant bushes on top of the wall as per attached plans
-Close the garden with neighbors with plants
-Add plants/palmitos/trees in 43m2 spare space as per attached plans
-Redo the garden as per attached plans

-Concrete swimming Pool: 7.5m x 4m x 1.5m
-Color Blue, light inside
-Automatic Cleaning
-Automatic Closing Roof
-Heating pump
-Option for static swimming

I attach in this email
-Plan of the garden as it is currently
-New plans from our architect he submitted to local authority for approval
-Documentation of the house

We already started to contact companies to receive offers since we have tight budgets.

We are available if you would like to visit the garden.

Address of the house is Räbmatt 19a, 6317 Oberwil

You could reach my wife Barbara Benchimol on her mobile 078 69 02484

Best regards,
Yann Benchimol

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