Bathroom Installation/Salle de Bain

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1219 Le Lignon

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We are installing a bathroom from the Tiger Items series ( in two bathrooms

We need a professional to:
- verify the installation of the cabinets (5905 and 5908 in the catalogue) Both are already secured to the wall, but it needs to be verified that this has been done correctly. Installation needs to be corrected if necessary
- install the washbasins (5935 and 5937) and the corresponding siphons (9848)
- install the faucets. Note that the faucets require pressfitting. For the single sink, this is a matter of simply connecting the faucet to the water supply. For the double sink, please note that there is only one water supply for both faucets (requiring for example a y-connector), and that the hoses of the faucets need to be extended as they are too short.

Mengen- und Massangaben

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Angaben zu den Materialien

All Tiger Items items are available. Other materials (y-connector, extension hose etc) need to be provided)

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

Brand-new apartment; initial installation of bathroom


French summary (English version is binding) :
Les spécifications sont dans le brochure attacher. Nous avons besoin d'un professionnel pour installer des lavabos, robinets, bouchons de lavabos et siphons. Nous avons déjà installer les meubles sous lavabos.

Les numéros de produits et pages dans le brochure sont:

Page 8
5935 - lavabo simple 70 cm
5937 - lavabo double 105 cm
9848 - siphon 1 1/4" - ᴓ 32

Page 9
5015.2 - robinet avec déchets

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