Wanted: Oil/Waxing American Cherrywood Floor

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Floors are in need of restoration, protection, and finishing layer (oil/wax). Our request: excellent clarity of the wood grain, restoration of the red coloring, oil/wax is applied with expert knowledge on best course of treatment, wood treatment applied which will resist water, protect from sunshine, and protect the floor from traffic, a smooth, satin finish is applied to the floor to enhance the natural beauty of the wood

Mengen- und Massangaben

Total apartment size is 170sq m, but approximately 140m is wood to be treated.

Angaben zu den Materialien

Oil and/or wax to be applied to American Cherrywood flooring (10 years old)

Beschreibung der aktuellen Situation

We had an unqualified worker come to do this project and we were disappointed with the results and are seeking someone with the necessary skills to remedy our floors.
• Floor is dusty looking, as though all protective treatment has been stripped and not reapplied
• Wood grain has less clarity because of the dusty, unfinished appearance
• Wood has less vibrant color (we’d expected it to become more vibrant, we’d hoped it would look similar to when the floor is wet)
• Where there were stains, it appears that a very aggressive treatment was applied, leaving those spots to appear bleached and to feel very rough and very raw
• Our children played on the floor the next day and there is an oily mark they left that is considerably darker. This was the color we’d hoped to have had, so we believe it is possible to achieve this.
• When a drop of water is dropped on the floor, the wood soaks up the water, rather than resisting the water (which was what we’d wanted to preserve the longevity of the wood flooring).
• Since the work was done, the floor now shows all foot prints, and there is no even shine across the floor when the sun shines on it.


We have two small children and we would be interested in hiring someone who would be willing to move the furniture when doing this work. We are flexible about when the work could be started and we would like to speak further about appropriate dates.

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